The Voice Within
Michael Kanaly

Michael Kanaly lives in upstate New York, has written to praise in many genres, and brought Pilot Hill Press a manuscript so powerful, so vital for our times, that we said "yes" right away to The Voice Within: A Story of Whales and Humans.

The Voice Within:

Researcher David Strand’s Whale Language Project didn’t turn out like he’d planned. Now, with the Outlaw Whaling Nations defying the international ban on commercial whaling, Strand finds himself in a desperate race to establish communication with perhaps the only other intelligent species to share the Earth with man. In this prophetic and often chilling tale, Michael Kanaly explores the very real possibility that we are not alone with our hopes, thoughts and dreams.

THE VOICE WITHIN is a story that explores the vastly different lives of whales and humans, as two intelligent species, separated by millions of years of evolution, seek to understand each other. A ground breaking work of imagination and insight, the ending of this book may well change the way you look at life on Planet Earth.

Michael Kanaly writes to critical acclaim across a wide spectrum of genres. THE VOICE WITHIN has been called one of the most dramatic and thought provoking novels of the New Millennium.