Michael Kanaly is an author and artist living in Upstate New York.  He writes to critical acclaim across a wide spectrum of genres:

Michael Kanaly is a writer who thinks big.  His fresh, idiosyncratic approach make his novels well worth reading. ..Fiction Review
An extremely fine writer, Kanaly reminds me of early Vonnegut...exciting, innovative...
-Midwest Book Review
Provocative and original...arresting - Booklist
Impossible to ignore...or forget... New York Times Book Review



For a quarter of a million years, the Neanderthal clans survived the harsh environment of Ice Age Europe.  Using Stone Age technology they hunted and raised their generations.  They were a strong, resilient people.  Then, 30,000 years ago, 'new men' entered their world, and in a moment of cosmic time, they were gone.  This is the story of the Neanderthals of the Circle Valleys, and their encounter with the Long Arms.

From Pilot Hill Press:  Richly imagined, deeply researched, Michael Kanaly reaches into the ancient past to bring the Neanderthal world to life. 

THE LONG ARMS asks the provocative question: What does it mean to be human? 

A book of unusual scope and originality, Michael Kanaly has added another unique novel to his body of work.