Bad Men

 ...Lives up to its title. "Michael Kanaly brings us, with searing honesty, what people said & what people did when the world was harsh, and everyone ended up being wounded - even when shots missed.  

No holds barred; nothing censored by any era's tinted-glasses; in this book, people speak and act as people did in those harsh days. Exactly. It hurts while it lives on in memory. The words, the actions, the events, all spill into the world as they would have & as they did....

...The ending will stay with you long after this book is read. 

 Bad Men

 "Rufus Gates was generally considered to be the worst hangman west of the Mississippi."

So begins  Chapter One of BAD MEN, Michael Kanaly's latest novel, an epic tale of the Old West.  Set during the time of the great buffalo hunts, BAD MEN is filled with unforgettable characters, fueled by Kanaly's unique story telling abilities.

When Michael Kanaly touches pen to paper, there is little doubt that an engaging, highly original story will result.  BAD MEN takes the standard western tale, stands it on its head and spins it around.  Readers' familiar with this author's work would expect nothing less.