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 Michael Kanaly brought readers a scary release - his bone-chilling "New Eyes" 


Kevin Roberts keeps sailing  - with "Flashers And Hoochies

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New Eyes - Fall Release
Pilot Hill Press 

Thanks to our writers for an amazing 2021 & now  in 2022, we look forward to their next books - more on that later, as we run on a natural rhythm here.
Everything depends on the writing itself.. and our writers are here for readers. 
It's the strongest bond.


Pilot Hill Press samples the joys of everyday life. And the timing is perfect.  We recall how wondrous was a world when we all could wander - even poets. We're sending this book into the world to remember what it was like when we could explore, and ramble. Well,  Kevin Roberts did that - so he now helps us make a perfect choice for time travel, where...

...It's 1966 and Kevin Roberts is flying to the Village of Pouce Coupe a small town in Northern BC. He's got a teaching job - but what he doesn't realiize is that he's also there to learn - and it's what he learns is what makes this book arrive for us in 2021.

.Our authors get to time travel and we all get to join them.  

Pilot Hill Press is for writers & their powers. I prefer not to work as an ersatz filter.  They're the writers & that's why each of them is the hub of a publishing wheel, and the wheel turns about the real hub of the world ..



Kevin Roberts


        “Heartfelt and inspiring…

          A knockout book!”


This book is starting to feel like the kind of classic that dog-owners love to discover. Michael Kanaly has written a magical book where Dogs and Humans learn to talk and ramble together.  This book is filled with all the magic of everyday life.  Michael Kanaly and his dog learn how to speak to each other - for real. Not only is it a wonderful book, but it also may give you a few ideas about how to communicate with your pet.

This book is needed in such a time.

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'Dog Tails And Other Oddities (or how my Great Dane learned to talk to me) ' is the amazing true story of the deep bond between a man and his beloved companion.  Author Michael Kanaly and his dog, Duke, formed an attachment that bordered on the supernatural.

Coupled with antidotes of other, only slightly less incredible pets, sprinkled with insights into the writing life, DOG TAILS is sure to delight dog lovers and readers everywhere. 

We know what amazing places that Michael Kanaly takes us to visit. This one is about really listening to what your dog has to tell you. Crack the code, understand their story-telling, and you suddenly know how dogs understand the world, and what they have to say.about it.You'll never forget meeting this critter.

From Pilot Hill Press: "Heartfelt and inspiring... A powerful little book. Like a clap of thunder in a midnight sky!"

Coupled with antidotes of other, only slightly less incredible pets, sprinkled with insights into the writing life, DOG TAILS is sure to delight dog lovers and readers everywhere.

Michael Kanaly's new Book - takes us into the disturbing vision of NEW EYES  

A Powerful & Disturbing new novel from Michael Kanaly.  

Criminal Minds meets Ancient Aliens in a chilling tale of murder and mayhem.
Acclaimed author, Michael Kanaly, in his latest novel, NEW EYES, looks into the heart of humanity…our past, present, and future…seeking answers to who and what we are.
NEW EYES is a page-turning, genuinely frightening book. Nobody writes serial killers like Michael Kanaly does. 

Flashers & Hoochies
Kevin Roberts

In the 70's version of BC, a poet with long hair (and a tough attitude) decides to enter the Commercial Salmon Fishery & encounters some 'real' fishermen who assure him that his boat will sink the first time out... 

...and that's only the start. 

Our Official Book Launch:

We like keeping things in memory & remember what a it was treat to hear Kevin Roberts, with his sons Jon & Anthony reading from Flashers & Hoochies.  The combo was a delight - as is his book.  Now here's a link from coverage of the launch.


Click the next link for your bonus short story from Kevin Roberts - from the same world as "Flashers And Hoochies"

Click this link to read a Kevin Roberts' free Short Story

Both Michael Kanaly, who lives in New York State, and Kevin Roberts, who comes to Canada via Australia, reflect an international approach which will expand even more.  

This press keeps transmuting with the times. Continue to look for releases year-round and not just in publishing 'seasons'.  This press is a consortium of thoughts. Behind each of these books is a simple principle. We'd choose the writers, but the writers would choose which book they wanted to write. Each book needed the author's passion.

In this age, we all combine forces -  a group of people want to get great books to great readers.

Our readers love the heft of a book; the way it fits in a pocket or a backpack. We all imagine the look of books on window ledges of small cabins; in high rise buildings, on buses, on subways. And we love the pixels yarning & weaving stories on a lit screen. May these books be carried around the world like lanterns - each holding a necessary spark.

Going Global

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