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Kevin Roberts

& his collection of Short Stories - his yarns.:

Masque & Other Yarns

Kevin Robert makes a powerful and connecting poetic leap into the history of wars in his finely-crafted "Footprints"  His chapbook, just the right heft and shape, can be carried along better than an Everyman classic. .

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Kevin Roberts


Kevin Roberts 

Flashers & Hoochies

In all of Kevin Roberts' writing we have a poet’s eye showing us the connections and pulses of his many worlds. In his new Book Flashers And Hoochies,  he captures the spirit of the times as he writes about his experiences as a commercial salmon troller on the B.C. coast from 1974-9.
Heidi Greco says, of Kevin’...” His richly textured life is reflected in his writing.” 
This floating book takes us trolling in a world that is no more. You’ll be happy to take this personal voyage with him.

“Roberts is a writer who continues to have important things to say and he says them powerfully and humorously” - Ross Clayton

Kevin Roberts is a writer who continues to have important things to say and he says them powerfully and humourously ...." Ross Clayton

 Roberts richly textured life is reflected in his writing. Whatever part of the world he  writes from he does so with a finger on the raw nerve that runs inside us and is linked inexorably to our mortality.  -- Heidi Greco  Prairie Fire

More fun than a gurgling ale and pheasant served by a buxom bar maid, his characters come to life with profound realism.    Gary Sorkin - .

And a very perceptive and welcome New review is now featured HERE. Just Click the LINK and enjoy.


Last summer, Vancouver Island University presented an Outstanding Service Award to retired VIU English professor Dr. Kevin Roberts. We're proud to have Kevin's Books at PHP.